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"The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money and control credit, and with the flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again. Take this great power away from the bankers and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for this would be a better and happier world to live in. But if you want to continue the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money and to control credit."
- Sir Josiah Stamp, Director and President of the Bank of England during the 1920's




Do you know that today, in this world of abundance over 20,000 children starved to death?

And, do you know that you are a contributing factor to that number? Do you know that there is something you do that directly contributed to others experiencing poverty to such a degree that the final result for over 20,000 children is death by starvation? Can you think of what that action may be?

It may surprise you to know that something you do very casually almost every day could have such a devastating effect on so many innocent lives. But let me assure you that this is a fact. If at the end of this notice you disagree with this statement, you will be presented with a very simple challenge that will allow you to prove it to yourself one way or another.

In truth, there is not just one thing that you do that ensures your contribution; there are two things. They are;

1- you earn money.

2- you spend money.

To understand how these two activities ensure your contribution to the starvation death of over 20,000 children and to truly understand how to make poverty history you first must understand the cause of poverty.


In order to Make Poverty History many thing must happen. First and primary of these is the need to identify poverty’s cause. Nothing will change in the amount of poverty in the world until we all have a firm and true understanding of the cause of poverty. We can say that poverty exists because many people lack the funds to purchase the necessary food, clothing and shelter for themselves and their family. And we can believe that by finding ways to direct the necessary fund toward these people poverty will become history. But that would be a very short-lived solution. Very quickly we would find that poverty would reappear because the true cause had not been addressed.


Simply stated, the greatest cause of poverty in the world today is the private debt money system. How it accomplishes this feat is a fact known by the international bankers and very few others. The international bankers did not start out with the intention of creating or increasing poverty. Their intention was to gain control and power by cultivating a debt that can never be paid.

Their plan was so slick that they pulled it off right in front of our eyes and we never saw how it was done. In fact, we never even saw that it was done or, that we aided them in reaching their goal. Even with all the facts out in the open most of us still have difficulty understanding and accepting that it has happened and that it is still happening. What we find the most difficult to accept is the effect of our continuing role in the process of debt creation, or the process I call debt farming.

When farmers wants to grow an abundant crop they start with a seed. With the right amount of water, sunlight and nutrients the seed sprouts and grows into a healthy plant. The international bankers have planted a seed. That seed came in the form of a subtle suggestion. That suggestion was, “Grant us control of your money and you will have all the wealth you desire.” Even today as most people in North America live three pay cheques away from bankruptcy we still believe that insane thought. That attests to how well it was planted and nurtured.

The very wealthy are held up before our eyes as an example of what awaits us if we only accept this suggestion and persevere. So we accept it and mortgage ourselves to the private banks. We accept their loans and agree to pay them their interest in the hope that we too can reap our share this perceived wealth.

Debt, grown from the interest charge on loans, is the crop that the private banks harvest. Interest is the plant that produces the chain (debt) that they are using to slowly shackle the world to an unpayable debt. Each and every purchase we make adds another small link in that heavy chain. It does not matter if we borrowed the dollars we use to make that purchase, for once the dollar has been borrowed, interest is assured.

We are very much like a seed in the ground. Once germinated, the seed does everything in its power to ensure its growth. For the seed it becomes, “My growth above all others.” Once we sign on to the private debt money system out thought too becomes, “Our growth above all others.” Somehow we seem to know that the debt created by the interest charges will stay with us if it is not passed to someone else. And it matters not who that someone is.

In the world today all the poverty-stricken countries in which millions are starving to death each year represent that someone. Their debt equals the amount of interest the rich countries have been able to transfer to them.

It is imperative that we realise that the interest can never be paid. Only the principle is ever loaned. The money to pay the interest is never lent. As we use the principle to pay the interest we reduce the money needed to pay the principle. This is how the interest is converted to debt. The debt grows at the rate that interest is paid!

There is one solution and one solution only to this insane situation we find ourselves in today. We the people must demand that our government take back control of our money. Money must be issued interest free and debt free. No private corporation is going to do this. It must be the people through the Government of the People that controls all money in all countries. Interest of any amount can never be paid and will always lead to debt.

This debt has always been the hot potato that nobody wants. When we understand that debt is created as we pay interest, we will begin to see how this debt flows to the weaker players in this global monopoly game. As more and more debt builds within the world, more and more poverty will appear.

We must ask ourselves, “How many starving children is my car worth; how many for my home, my business, my jewellery, my fancy cloths, my vacation, my entertainment, etc. For in this world, under the private debt money system that is truly what our abundance is costing. Our excesses are being paid for by the starvation death of over six million, (6,000,000) children a year.

“We have met the enemy, but we have not yet accepted that he is us.”


How it works to enslave us to its forever increasing debt

All money circulating within Canada and virtually every other country of the world has been borrowed from a private bank. There is much made of the fact that there is no gold backing all of this fiat money but in relation to the growing debt that fact has little to do with it. If private banks were forced to have an equal value of gold in reserve for the value of money they lend it would just mean that they would not be able to lend as much as they now do. And that would only mean that our debt would grow at a slower rate.

All the debt in the world basically equals all the interest charged on all the money borrowed from all private banks. The private banks lend a specific amount of money to the borrowers. They then charge a specific interest on the loans. But they never lend the money to pay the interest. That means that there never exists within our global society enough money to pay all the loans plus the interest. The shortfall always equals the amount of the interest charged.

The total world debt grows at a rate that equals all the un-payable interest charged by the private banks! Although it works in a different way, the same scenario can be seen at work in casinos where the house (read private bank) takes a percentage of every pot. If no new money came to the table and the money on the table just shifted back and forth between the player, eventually the percentage taken by the house would reduce that money on the table to zero.

If the players wished to continue they would be forced to borrow more money. In our global society, as we use the money that was borrowed to pay toward the interest out of necessity we end up with insufficient funds to pay the original debt. More money must be borrowed which in turn increases the debt owed to the private banks. It is important to understand that no matter how much money is borrowed from private banks and no matter how it circulates throughout our society, there will never be enough money to pay the loans plus the interest due on those loans!

When someone does manage to accumulate enough money to pay their loan plus the interest, it just means that there will be another who, by necessity, must have less.

The private debt money system had its birth when governments made the insane decision to give away control of their country’s money to a private banking entity. In Canada that private banking entity is the Bank of Canada, in the United States it’s the Federal Reserve and in England it’s the Bank of England. In theory there appears to be many private-banking entities but in truth there is but one, the World Bank. As with any army, there is only one supreme commander. The World Bank beats the drum that all the other banks march to.

Under the control of the private banks, money has only one avenue into our economy. It must be borrowed. Somebody has borrowed every dollar that you have ever had in your possession from a private bank. And on every one of those dollars the private banks have placed an interest charge. Once an interest charge has been placed on borrowed money, more money must be paid back than was originally borrowed. As the only money in circulation is borrowed money, there are insufficient funds available to repay the loan plus the interest.

By adding an interest charge to all borrowed money the private banks accomplish their prime goal; the creation of debt. Now this may appear to be at odds to what we perceive the private bank’s goals to be. Most people perceive the banks main goal to be “making money”. I contend that their ultimate goal is control over our lives and that they aim to gain that control by binding us to an un-payable debt.

To illustrate this point let’s look at what happens with every loan taken from a private bank. Let’s look at the repayment plan of a $1,200 loan you have taken out for one year at 10% interest.

When it comes time to make the first payment the first thing the banks will ask you to do is pay the interest. The interest payments will be $10 per month. Along with the interest payment will be the payment toward the principal. That will be $100 per month. That makes a total payment of $110 per month. Twelve monthly payments of $110 equal $1,320. You must pay the private banks $120 more than you originally borrowed.

Since the private banks never lend the money to pay the interest, you must secure that money from money that was borrowed by someone else. At the same time other people are trying to secure the money you borrowed so that they can pay the interest charges on their loans. As none of the money needed to pay any of the interest charges was ever (or will ever be) lent by the private banks one thing becomes very obvious. The total global debt held by all countries, governments, corporations and people must equal, at the very least, all the interest charged on all loans taken from private banks. This debt can be more than this, but never will it be less.

Now, as we all compete with each other to obtain the funds needed to repay the principal plus the interest on our loans it stands to reason that some will fail to secure the funds they need. In fact some will lose the principal as well and end up bankrupt.

I contend:

1. That it is the interest on the loans from private banks that creates all debt.

2. That it is the debt that causes virtually all poverty that we see in the world today.

3. That when this poverty caused by the debt created by the interest gets severe enough people starve to death.

4. That as the wealthy amass greater and greater fortunes they help increase the debt. This occurs because interest charges accumulate as long as money circulates. The wealthy have found ways to amass money. Somebody borrowed the money they amass. Somebody must pay the interest charges but it is never the wealthy. They live off the money that others have borrowed for them.

For our global society to operate in such a way that all countries and all people end up with the abundance necessary to truly enjoy life, money must be issued at no interest and carry with it no debt. The only way that this can happen is for our government to rescind the Bank Act and take control of the issuance of our money. We must adopt a form of the public credit money system.

See more of the “Public Credit Money System” and Provincial Credit System” at:

Our government will never, of its own accord, rescind the Bank Act. As citizens we must come to understand the great pressure our parliamentarians are under to maintain the status quo as they continue working for the World Bank. If this change is to take place it must be the people who come together with one voice and demand the change. For the people to do that they must take the time necessary to learn the truth of their situation today.


Your simple challenge, should you choose to accept it, will be to show how the private debt money system can give abundance to all people in all countries at the same time.

It is called a simple challenge but know before you start that I say it is impossible to disprove my contentions. Know also that I would be thrilled if you did successfully disprove them but, like I say, you can’t. It’s on the same level as proving gravity does not make things fall toward the earth.

Remember, you simple have to show that the private debt money system does not create debt; that this debt does not cause poverty; that this debt caused poverty does not get severe enough to cause starvation and that the wealthy do not contribute to all this. In other words, you must simply show how the private debt money system can (not will but can) create the opposite: abundance for all.

Your failure to accomplish this should encourage you to join with other in insisting that our government rescind the Bank Act and adopt some form of the public credit money system.

Some have tried to show that the production and marketing of goods will create the necessary money that will not only pay the interest but will also create profits. Before you go to far down that road let me say that this process actually increases the debt.

To understand how the production of goods increases the debt we need only look at the following simple example. The production of a product has a cost. Let’s say this cost is $10.00. And let’s say the product is sold for $20.00 producing a profit of $10.00. If the original $10.00 that funded the production of this product was borrowed at an interest rate of 10%, then when the loan ($10.00) plus interest ($1.00) is repaid a net profit of $9.00 is realized.

It is important to keep in mind that every dollar in circulation has been borrowed and represents a debt to a bank. So in order for someone to purchase this product for $20.00 someone somewhere had to borrow that $20.00. With this in mind we see that what is a $9.00 profit for the producer becomes a $20.00 debt for someone else. Add interest and it becomes a $22.00 debt. Each time this product changes hands the total amount of debt increase. The products of a profitable company create two things, the first a profit, the second a debt. But always, always, the debt is greater than the profit. Simple math says that if a positive is added to a negative where the negative is greater, the result is always a negative. Whether we look at this simple example or the most complicated one, the result is the same. Always the debt will be greater than the profit!

Whether the product is a physical product like a lamp or an intangible like copyright licensing, or a donation to feed the poor, if money changed hands, a debt was created or maintained.

That is how I know that you are a contributor to the global debt. And that is how I know that you are a contributor to the starvation death of over 20,000 children a day. Once we truly know this as a fact, the only question that arises is, “Are we going to do anything about it?” And if we decide that something needs to be done, “What will that be?”

The answer for me to the first question is an strong, “Yes.” To the second question there is but one sane answer, “Take back control of our money!” Money must enter circulation interest and debt free. Don’t let anyone tell you that this is impossible. Both Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy did it. If they were not killed and their policies were allowed to continue, the United States would be debt free today. They would have demonstrated to the world how to create abundance by using a form of the public credit money system. And the world would have followed.

The bankers, talking about the policy implemented by Abraham Lincoln said the following:

“If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurate down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to North America….”

Let’s dedicate ourselves to making the dreams of Abraham, John and Bobby a reality. Until we do that their deaths are in vain.

Please send this NOTICE and its simple challenge to all of the following that you know:

All economists

All financial advisors

All finance ministers of all Governments

All Municipal, Provincial, State and Federal elected Officials

All wealthy individuals

All bank officials

All bank employees

All stars of entertainment and sports

All others you believe may be able to successfully disprove my contentions.

Do not be surprised if most of the above ignore any request for assistance you may make of them in this matter. Most of the above people know how to trap money as it circulates through our economy. Few of them, however, know very much about how money enters circulation or the effect that interest has on our society.

Thank you.

David: Healing


If you have difficulty understanding the above the following short story is for you.



BY: David: Healingã

Many people find it hard (if not impossible) to understand how the private debt money system contributes to all the poverty that exists in the world today.

Instead of trying to understand our total economy with its billions of dollars, let’s just look at one dollar. And let’s accept the following as true.

· A private bank lent you one dollar ($1.00).

· This dollar is the only dollar in existence.

· The private bank demanded 10% interest.

· After paying 10% or ten cents ($0.10), you now have ninety cent ($0.90) left.

My question to you is how are you going to repay one dollar ($1.00) to the private bank when you only have ninety cents ($0.90)?

Borrowing just one dollar at 10% creates a debt of ten cents. The debt always equals the interest charged! Always! Always! Always!

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