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Chapter Three

"The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money and control credit, and with the flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again. Take this great power away from the bankers and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for this would be a better and happier world to live in. But if you want to continue the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money and to control credit."
- Sir Josiah Stamp, Director and President of the Bank of England during the 1920's




I want to encourage you to keep reading. Much of what is in the preceding chapters, and this one, to quote my friend, are things that, “ make my brain hurt”. My friends, we need our brains to hurt.

I keep mentioning the children who are starving to death in this world each and every day. They are what I use to keep my apathy at bay. I know that with The Public Credit Money System Canada, all on its own could eliminate that problem completely.

What is your dream for the world? What would you be willing to do to have that dream a reality? Whatever it is, it can be accomplished easier and quicker using The Public Credit Money System than by keeping what we have now.

What about clean automobiles? What if money was not a problem and we could fill our highways and roads with vehicles that created near zero pollution?

What about education? What if education at all levels was free? We would have the most brilliant scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers and best of all, economists who could actually design fiscal policies that can and will work.

What about the arts? What if we could eliminate the syndrome of the starving artist? Our concert halls would be filled with wondrous music and design. And all could afford to attend; the room would always be full.

What about agriculture? We could on our own, but hopefully with the help of our good neighbors to the south, fill every produce store in the world with the freshest, totally organic, vegetables the world has ever seen. Plus, we could bring back all the varieties of fruits and vegetables that are disappearing and even add more diversity to what already exists. Plus, with all the fresh water we have, we could build an irrigation system that would guarantee the effects of a drought would be no more. With our brilliant engineers, we could ensure that this irrigation system benefits the farmers while causing no harm to the environment.

What about something as simple as work? What if all work was well paid for? And what if you could determine how much you worked? That means that if you wanted a life that is filled with all the items you want in it, whatever they may be, you would have the opportunity to earn enough money to have them. (Remember that with no interest to pay, the cost of everything would be much less.) And, if you wanted a very simple life without all the excess items, you could work fewer hours and have all the leisure time you want.

All this and so much more is possible with one change in the way we live. And you no longer need to be told what that change is.

At this moment, (6:12AM, March 7, 2005) I am in the small community of Celista on the north shore of Shushap Lake, British Columbia, Canada. The night is just leaving. The sky is full of dark clouds and although it is not presently raining, it has rained during the night. The lake is still and as night takes its leave, the lights shining from the windows of the homes on the far shore blink off one by one. I am listening to what has become my anthem, Ted Hawkins singing, Put a Candle in the Window. The CD player is within arm’s length and I have, for the last twenty minutes or so, kept reaching over and pressing the replay button.

And I think to myself, “Canada could do this. Canada, not the corporation, but all the wonderful human beings that make up this beautiful country, could, put a light in the window and have it be a beacon for the world.

It could be such a beautiful world.


The following has been gleaned (quoted) from a book written by Robert-Arthur Menard with the title, Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception. Only a few of the burst bubbles will be quoted here. For a copy of this book and other products offered by this author you could reach him at

BUBBLE 1: Man or Fiction

Do you know what you are? Are you a ‘person’? Are you sure? So you think you are a ‘person’? According to Black’s Law dictionary, ‘a human being is not a person because he is a human being, but because rights and duties have been ascribed to him. Specifically, the person is the legal subject or substance of which rights and duties are attributed. But not every human being is a person, as was the case in Old England when there were slaves.

You see, you as a human being have certain inalienable rights. Your person has certain inalienable civil rights. Believe it or not you are not the one paying taxes, your person is. It is not you that votes, your person does. You don’t get a ticket, your person does. The best way to imagine it is to imagine a human being wearing a coat. The human being is a ‘man’ or ‘human being’ or a ‘natural person’. The coat represents the ‘legal person’. The two together is referred to as ‘individual’. (Indivisible duo).

If you can understand that so far, you can understand the next as well. You may have many ‘persons’. They all have the same name, but have different personalities or functions. See, a person is not determined solely by name, but by the rights and duties ascribed to that person. When you get a traffic ticket, it is almost as if they are creating a person right there solely to deal with that issue. Once dealt with, the person is no longer bound by it. Say you go to vote and on the way you get a ticket. Can the person who got the ticket vote? Can you show them the ticket and use that to secure your right to vote? No you cannot. The two entities, although having the same name, have different sets of rights and duties, and therefore are in fact different persons or at least different facets of one.

Now ask yourself, where does it say that you have to have a ‘person’? Are you obliged to have one? If you do have one, can you give it up? Why have they gone to such trouble to hide from us the fact that they act upon our persons? The reason is simple; they need us to be ignorant for their deception to work. Without ignorance, all the deception in the world won’t help them hold on to their power. The person exists not so they can have power over us, but so we can disassociate from that thing anytime we want we can be in control. If we are never aware it is there, we are slaves. That which YOU will be is entirely up to you.

BUBBLE 2: Child Registration

Having a baby? Congratulations! The first time I held little Elizabeth Anne Elaine, moments after her birth, my heart swelled so much it was like I had never loved before. It is a miracle of a time, and when you are all excited about having your baby, the government social worker that works at the hospital will approach you with some registration forms, telling you, “you have to register your baby”. She will hand you a form and on the cover it says in bold language, “Every Parent must register” and “After a baby is born every parent must register the birth and legal name of their child”.

Inside it says:

“This brochure contains an IMPORTANT form which parents must complete for every baby born in British Columbia. The registration of Live Birth form is the official Provincial record of the birth and the registration of the child’s legal name. Everything you need to complete the form is provided including detailed instructions and a pre-addressed envelope.”

(It is designed to make you believe you have an obligation to register and if you don’t the law will get involved and you will be in big trouble.)

Next paragraph reads:

By law, you must register the birth and legal name of your child within 30 days of the birth. Naming a child and registering the birth are your important responsibilities because registration is the only way of creating a permanent legal record of a person’s birth. There is no fee to register a baby’s birth so long as it is registered within 30 days. Simply fill in the registration form and mail it in the envelope provided, or bring it to any BC Vital Statistics Agency office. See back cover of this brochure for our office locations and telephone numbers.

Then it states:

At the same time as you complete the mandatory Registration of Live Birth form, you have the option of ordering a birth certificate for your newborn.

Now let’s take a very close look at what they are actually saying.

First Paragraph:

This brochure contains an IMPORTANT form which parents must complete for every baby born in British Columbia. –This tells us ONLY the parents can complete it. The government cannot do it on your behalf. They us the word ‘must’. Notice they do not use the word ‘obligated’ or ‘obliged’. Must is a very tricky legal word, and when you find out its true meaning in a later bubble is burst, you will see what I mean. Here they use the word ‘baby’. They are referring to the human being; blood, flesh and bone vessel of the spirit.

The registration of Live Birth form is the official Provincial record of the birth and the registration of the child’s legal name. – Here they tell you the form is the Provincial record. Not yours, theirs. They have also now slipped in the word ‘child’ instead of ‘baby’. The ‘child’, legally is the ‘person’. Notice how also they tell you that you will be creating a ‘legal name’. Not a lawful name, but a legal one. There is a big difference between the two, and it is one bubble that will be burst in a following chapter.

By law, you must register the birth and legal name of your child within 30 days of the birth. – Again the word ‘must’. And why must you do it within 30 days? What exactly is the penalty for registering late? Notice also the use of the words ‘child’ and ‘legal name’.

Naming a child and registering the birth are your important responsibilities because registration is the only way of creating a permanent legal record of a person’s birth. – Now the trap is almost shut. ‘Responsibility’ refers not to what one is obliged to do, but who is to blame after the fact. Notice here also how they are using not the word ‘baby’ nor ‘child’ to describe your offspring, they are using the word ‘person’ and they may not be describing your offspring at all. They tell you straight out, by using the word ‘person’, that you will be creating a permanent one.

There is no fee to register a baby’s birth so long as it is registered within 30 days. – Ah-Ha! Here is why you have to do it within 30 days! To avoid paying a filing fee! Wow so scary! That is why they can get away with using the word ‘must’ when there are no actual obligations.

Next paragraph we find this:

At the same time as you complete the mandatory Registration of Live Birth form, you have the option of ordering a birth certificate for your newborn. – They also use the word ‘mandatory’. Notice what it is referring to; it is referring to the noun not the verb. The action is not mandatory; the form is, if you choose to register. Now we also apparently have some sort of option about ordering a Birth Certificate. Ask yourself this, if you have an option now, what makes you think you didn’t have one to begin with? Do you think they have an obligation to tell you what all your options are?

Here is the biggest question of all:

If what they are selling is such a good thing, why do they use so much obvious deception to get us to buy it?

So this is essentially what is happening. When you register your offspring, you are creating a legal entity or person, you are associating that person with your offspring and then you are abandoning that entity to the government who appears to be seizing it under the laws of maritime commerce. This ‘person’ is in fact chattel property and can and is used for collateral on loans. Your registered baby is in fact a form of pledge and is worth a lot of money. Also, if they ever come for your baby acting under some legislation, it is that chattel property they are acting upon, not your offspring. But because it is all done apparently lawfully and legally, and you maintain the association between that entity and your baby, they have a right to affect your offspring.

The Birth Certificate is not just evidence of the birth; it is evidence that you have abandoned the King of documents: the Record of Live Birth. They will not accept a certified and notarized true copy of the original. Nope, they need the original itself.

Imagine creating a raincoat for your offspring, the record of creating that raincoat and evidence of ownership you give to your neighbour. Then he comes over and claims the right to remove the coat, with your child still in it. That is exactly the mechanism they use to remove your offspring.

BIRTH. The act of being born or wholly brought into separate existence.

Black’s 1st. See Note, and Note at birth record.

Note: A man or woman is “born”, straw men are “wholly brought into existence.”

Each event qualifies as a “birth.” The birth certificate documents a muddied mixture of the two events that allows the system to both claim that it “your” birth certificate yet also claim to hold title to (not ownership of) the corporately coloured straw man.

BIRTH CERTIFICATE. A formal document which certifies as to the date and place of one’s birth and a recitation of his or her parentage, as issued by an official in charge of such records. Furnishing of such is often required to prove one’s age. Black’s 6th. See Note, birth, birth record, and document of title, field warehouse receipt, and bond.

Note: A birth certificate is a negotiable instrument, a registered security, a stock certificate evidencing, or representing, the preferred stock of the corporation and against which you are the surety; it is a pedigree chattel document establishing the existence of your straw man, a distinct artificial person with a fictitious name; it is a document of title to a straw man; it is a warehouse receipt for your body; delivery receipt; industrial bond between you (flesh-and-blood man or woman) and the industrial society an corporate US Government (artificial person).

In Canada, the original birth certificate is generally created at the PROVINCIAL level (in rare instances city level) via birth documents from the hospital (for which the hospital receives $$$ from the PROVINCE for causing the registration of the birth) and passed to the Provincial and Federal levels, and likely elsewhere. Per the definition of “birth” above, the document references both the newborn and the straw man. Certified copies of the birth certificate may be obtained at the Vital Statistics Office. Your birth certificate is one of the kinds of security instruments used by the government to obtain loans from its creditor, under which it is bankrupt.

According to a researcher who worked on a research project for one of the world’s largest brokerage houses he discovered that in the year 1936 each American birth certificate was assigned a value of $630,000.00. The investigative journalist’s report beginning on page xxiii confirms that (new) birth certificates today carry a value of $1,000,000.00 and that upon notification of the receipt of a new birth certificate at the Ministry of Finance, it takes out a loan for $1-million and purchases a bond, then invests the funds in either the stock market or bond market. The collateral for the loan for the bond issued against the birth certificate is you; i.e. your body, labour and property. A man in Santa Barbara, California who obtained his original birth certificate from the Department of Commerce some years ago via a Freedom of Information Act request reported the endorsement of 17 different foreign countries thereon. There may also be other types of birth documents used by the Government, or others, to obtain loans/credit.

BIRTH RECORD. Official statistical data concerning dates and places of persons’ birth, as well as parentage, kept by local government officials. Black’s 1st. See Note, birth certificate.

Note: Under “birth certificate” the definition refers to “one’s birth,” and under “birth record” the definition refers to “persons’ birth. “one” means flesh-and-blood man or woman; “person” means artificial or juristic person. See individual.

BUBBLE 5: Must submit Application for Registration

Much of the power government has over you is a result of your actions, not theirs.

‘Submit’ means ‘to agree to bend to another’s will or to ‘leave to another’s discretion’. An agreement is a contract is a contract and must be entered into voluntarily. If you are leaving something to someone else’s discretion, it must have been yours to begin with, right? Again it is voluntary in nature. You can never be lawfully compelled to submit.

‘Application’ legally means ‘to beg, plead, petition, implore, entreat or request’. The assumption this create in court is fivefold; 1) he who begs knows exactly what he is begging for, 2) he knows exactly what he is giving up for it, 3) he is acknowledging the authority to grant OR 4) he is creating it through transference, and 5) he is doing it all voluntarily.

‘Registration’ was historically the act of a Ship’s Captain signing over his ship and all chattel contents over to the harbour master for safekeeping. Chattel contents included the condemned, those in debt, prisoners, anything that could be bought or sold and slaves.

‘Must’ is likely the trickiest word by far. You will find it used with ‘application’, ‘submission’ and ‘registration’ extensively. They try to use it to make you think you have an obligation to act; you do not, for under law, you are never obliged to beg. If I tell you, “You must come to my party through the front door”. Does that create an obligation for you to come to my party? Or does it perhaps merely define conditions, which have to be fulfilled in order for me to have authority over you? If you look in Black’s Law dictionary, you will find that ‘must’ is sometimes ‘synonymous with may’.

One is never obliged to ‘apply’, ‘register’ or submit’.

BUBBLE 13: Your existing Common Law Right to Travel

This is one of their biggest means of gaining control over us. The right to travel is so fundamental to our existence as a society that without it we would likely not even have one. As it is now, they seem to have everyone convinced that we have to get a licence to be on the road in an automobile. This is not the case at all. We will take a close look at that right and the Motor Vehicle Act that they use to control your actions.

From the Motor Vehicle Act:

“motor vehicle” means a vehicle, not run on rails, that is designed to be self propelled or propelled by electric power obtained from overhead trolley wires, but does not include a motor assisted cycle;

Read that carefully. See the “quotation” marks? Do you know what they mean? They legally mean “these words”. These “PRINTED” words. It is telling you that anytime you see those printed words, you know it is referring to something that has those attributes. It is telling you all “motor vehicles” will have these listed attributes. Now ask some questions. Is the definition a full and complete one? If not then it stands to reason that there must be further attributes, which are needed to fully describe a “motor vehicle”.

Think of it this way: if I say, “’apple’ means a round red fruit”, does that mean all round red fruit are apples? Obviously not, right? After all, there are pomegranates, grapes and certain varieties of exotic Asian pears. They are not saying that all things with those attributes are ‘motor vehicles’; they are saying that all motor vehicles have these attributes. See the difference?

If we look further in the same act we find under Section 3 the following:

3 (1) Except as otherwise provided in this Act, the owner of a motor vehicle or trailer must, before it is used or operated on a highway,

(a) register the motor vehicle or trailer with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia,

(b) obtain a licence for its operation under this section, and

(c) obtain for it a certificate of insurance under the Insurance (Motor Vehicle) Act.

(2) Despite subsection (1), a trailer towed by a tractor licensed under section 8 need not be licensed.

(3) The owner must apply for

(a) registration and licence in the form required by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, and

(b) a motor vehicle liability policy in accordance with the Insurance (motor vehicle) Act and regulations under the act.

Remember how to ‘apply’ is a voluntary act and ‘must’ can be ‘may’ and no one is ever obliged to beg or apply? Remember how there must be a missing attribute unless the definition is full and complete? Well this is that missing attribute which is required before something with those attributes can be deemed a ‘motor vehicle’. You as the owner have to beg to have them confer upon your automobile the status of ‘motor vehicle’.

In order to register you will have to hand over the MSO or Manufacturers Statement of Origin or the MNVIS (Manufacturers New Vehicle Information Statement). They can give you a certificate of Ownership with two names on it; yours and theirs. Now they are part owner of that ‘motor vehicle’ and you never even had to register it in the first place!

BUBBLE 16: Canada Bankrupt?

Did you know that Canada has a Receiver General? Did you know this means we are in receivership? Yes boys and girls, Canada is in fact bankrupt. This means they have little right to engage in commercial activities. You can raise this issue in court and watch a Judge almost have a fit. Deputy Sheriffs will suddenly emerge from the walls and you might end up in goal for a little cooling off period. They do not like you pointing out that the ball they are trying to kick around has no air in it…

BUBBLE 17: Acceptance for Value

Acceptance for value is the key to becoming the holder in due course of any negotiable instrument, including your birth certificate. Here, the term “acceptance” refers to the recipient/acceptor and the item accepted (such as one’s birth certificate); “value” refers to that which is given by, or flows back from, the recipient of the item in exchange. The term “value”, as employed in the UCC, is a highly significant term and comprehension of the Redemption Process requires full understanding of it.

This bubble is one of the biggest ones and I will not be able to cover it much here. Basically it boils down to your right to accept the charges they bring against you. This removes any conflict or controversy and means the courts should not be involved. You then have them place the charge against your account that they hold.

Imagine you are in a restaurant, and the waitress presents a bill. You look at it and state you wish to speak with the owner. The waitress goes and gets the manager who tells you she is not sure who the owner is. You tell her to find out. Eventually she returns and tells you, “Surprise, you are the owner!” So you take the bill that she presented to you and because you are the owner, you write on it "Accepted for Value, apply to my (the owners) account”. Then you sign it. The bill has been settled, it has completed due course, and the person who initially presented it, has nothing to complain about, after all they were presenting it for you and to you. That is essentially the Acceptance for Value route, although I strongly suggest you do extensive research before trying it.

One thing recently done in this regard was the acceptance of a Parking Ticket. They will send a bill, although it will not be signed. You can scratch out the word AMOUNT and replace it with VALUE and write across the face of it the following: “Value assigned by owner to bond #xxxxxxx (number on back of Birth Certificate) and accepted for value. Present to Minister of Finance the holder of said bond and quote registration number xx-xx-xxxxx (registration number from front) and direct him to adjust this account to your satisfaction.

[See: point 4: on page 41, and Point 6 on page 42 for more information on Acceptance for Value.]

There are many more bubbles that get burst in Robert’s book but these are the main ones relevant to this work. The following, also found in Robert’s book has been written by an American. As Robert says, it is, “Specific to the US, although the mechanism employed is virtually identical to the one used in Canada.”

From the USA

…I am presenting this information for study purposes, and do not advocate people running out and doing this without proper research and study. This may take a year or so for some people, as it did for me. If you are currently in trouble, I definitely do not advocate doing this to “get out of trouble”. This is best used for prevention of problems, rather than solving them once they happen, and then deciding it is time to learn. What I am going to explain has more to do with “principles” and understanding than anything else. There is very little work involved, or paperwork for that matter. The most important thing to take into consideration when studying this is “You have to adjust your thinking 180 degrees from what you have been taught, or you have to put aside all preconceived notions about money, economics, banking, law and government”. You must do this first, before you try to understand this information.

These are the points to consider:

1. The constitution was suspended in 1864 by Abraham Lincoln and martial law was declared.

2. The United States is a Corporation as it was set up in 1871.

3. You and I are owners/operators of this Corporation. The IRS only recognizes two types of individuals, employers and employees. We have been using our Account Number as an Employee Identification Number instead of an Employer Identification Number. Social Security is a benefit and Owners/Operators don’t seek benefits from their own corporation.

4. The Birth Certificate created a “strawman” (Dummy Corporation) with your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

5. The UNITED STATES went bankrupt in 1933 and pledged your “strawman” as collateral against the debt. Ever since then, your “strawman” has been bankrupt along with the UNITED STATES Corporation.

6. HJR-192 of June 1933 made it against “Public Policy” to require gold or silver (substance) for the payment of debts. All corporations under the bankruptcy must “discharge their duties dollar for dollar”. All corporations are “Trustees in Bankruptcy.

7. There is no money. It was removed in 1933. Now all we have are “Negotiable and Non-Negotiable Instruments.

8. A corporation cannot arrest its members, but it can “Make Offers” to the “public”.

9. The opposite of an “offer” is an “acceptance”. When you don’t “Accept”, you are in “dishonour”.

10. You cannot pay a debt with a debt and all of the money, credits, Federal Reserve notes, checks, money orders etc. are ALL debt instruments, since they are all borrowed into circulation. If you don’t understand this part, then ask yourself this question: “Did you make that money?” If the answer is no, then IT IS DEBT, TO YOU. The only way we can pay is (WE CAN’T)…but we can make an engagement to pay by “Acceptance for Value”. Then they have to adjust our account, because there is our remedy, since they took away our ability to pay with real substance. HJR-192 is the Insurance Policy.

When the State or the Federal Government is making us offers, i.e. warrants, indictments, fines, tickets etc., they are making us “offers” and we are Dishonouring” them, BECAUSE we are not “accepting” them. When we “accept” them, and we ask them to “adjust our accounts”, they now have the obligation of “settlement”. If they refuse, then they are in a position of “dishonour” now, and they are stepping out of their bounds as our Trustees in Bankruptcy. Now they are the ones with a tax obligation on their hands because they have everything “ACCOUNTED FOR” in their system. So, since we have actually paid in fact, with our acceptance, they are now “stealing the charge” when refusing to “adjust the accounts”.

11. The “charge” they are charging you with is FINANCIAL.

12. Title 27 CFR 72.11 says specifically, “Commercial Crimes: Any of the following types of crimes (Federal or State); Offences against the revenue laws; burglary; counterfeiting; forgery; kidnapping; larceny; robbery; illegal sale or possession of deadly weapons; prostitution (including soliciting, procuring; pandering, white slaving, keeping house of ill fame; and like offences); extortion; swindling and confidence games; and attempting to commit, conspiring to commit, or compounding any of the forgoing crimes. Addiction to narcotic drugs and use of marihuana will be treated as if such were commercial crimes.”

Here is a summary of the different elements of this study:

Point 1. Fiction / Strawman

In the movie, the Matrix, machines are harvesting human energy and keeping the people enslaved in a virtual world, and nobody realizes it, which makes it work even better. Just like in the movie, today, corporations harvest our energy, but not in such an extreme way. Today it’s done with deception. When we are born, we get a Birth Certificate, and on it is our name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This is called a “strawman”. In reality, it is a dummy corporation that is being born. When we get a Birth Certificate, it is registered with the Department of Commerce. When it is registered, it now becomes a “Registered Security”, similar to a stock or a bond. Now the corporation is all set up, and this “strawman”, is referred to as a “Transmitting Utility”. It is the utility through which the government, also a fiction, can now “harvest” your energy for its own purposes. Since the government is in reality, a corporation, it is actually a fiction, a piece of paper, in other words, and the only way it can relate to you, or pull you into its jurisdiction, is through the creation of this artificial entity on your Birth Certificate. The “strawman”.

Now, when the Birth Certificate was registered, it could have been registered on the “public” or the “Private” side, but it was registered on the “Public” side for “Public Use”. Then, when the country went bankrupt in 1933, the governors of all 50 states pledged the “Full Faith and Credit” of their states, and handed over the Birth Certificates to the bankers that control the nation as collateral against the debt that was fast accumulating.

“Governments descend to the level of a mere private corporation and take on the characteristics of a mere private citizen where private corporate commercial paper [federal reserve notes] and securities [checks] is concerned…” – Clearfield Trust Company v. United States, 318 U.S. 363-371, 1942.

Then governments enter the world of commerce, they are subject to the same burdens as any private firm or corporation” – U.S. v. Burr, 309 U.S. 242 See: 22U.S.C.A.286e, Bank of U.S. vs. Planters Bank of Georgia, Ed. (9 wheat) 244; 22 U.S.C.A. 286 et seq., C.R.S. 11-60-103.

And, you see the United States was incorporated in the District of Columbia in 1871.

Point 2: Trickery & Deceit

When the government addresses you, it is always by your CAPITAL LETTER NAME, which is the corporation, which is being addressed. When the IRS is looking for JOHN DOE, they are looking for the ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME, “JOHN DOE”, not the natural flesh and blood person, you or I. But, the trickery comes in here. When you or I answer to that name, without knowing the difference, it is then “presumed” that you are the one they are looking for. And the government loves to act on presumption. That is the basis for a lot of “commercial law”, simple presumption and rebuttal. The IRS is really looking for the corporation to pay the taxes, because only corporations can be taxed. But then you say, “Yea, that’s me.” And now you “owe the debt”. In reality, the IRS was looking to get the taxes from the strawman, in order to give back to you, the flesh and blood person. They are a collection agency, and they are collecting FOR you, nor FROM you.

Now, why would the government give money to you, instead of collecting it from you? That doesn’t sound right. The truth is that WE, the flesh and blood people, are the ”Employers”, and all people in government are the “employees”. And the IRS only recognizes 2 kinds of people, “Employers” and “Employees”. ALL employees are FICTIONS, because they are working in a financial capacity. They are working FOR the “corporation”.

Point 3: Bankruptcy and Credit

When the government “Registered” those “Securities” as part of its massive “Corporation”, they set a value on each one, which was approximated to be what you would consume and produce in your lifetime. (Estimated) When they set that “Value”, then “Money” was created.

Ever since the bankruptcy in 1933, caused by J. P. Morgan through the Federal Reserve Bank, there has been NO MONEY in our society. We have been exclusively on a Credit/Debit system ever since. Since there is NO MONEY, then how is any credit created? Well, we set “value” to things and that is how the “Credit” is created, period. So, when the country went bankrupt, it pledged the Birth Certificates, that were assigned “Value”, and that is all the corporation operates on. A very little known fact, to our benefit, is that HJR 192 was passed along with the bankruptcy bills, and that basically said that, “There can be no contracts put forth from this day on, that can call for payment in substance, i.e. Gold or Silver. So all anyone can ask for is, “like for like”.

Like when a bank makes you a “loan” for a home, the created that “credit” out of thin air by pressing a button on their computer. No skin off their back, if you default, they will repossess the home, even if you have paid 90% of it off. But, the problem is that you borrowed their credit, instead of creating your own. We are using the government money, which is all “debt”, or “debits, not credit. This part gets a little deep, so I won’t go into it too heavily here. But the point is that the government cannot call for a payment in anything of substance, only “Credit”, and the same applies to all of us.

Now, if you knew the truth, you wouldn’t want those Federal Reserve Notes anyway, because they are in fact government debt, liens, on the borrowed credit on our Birth Certificates. This is the source of the “Credit”, Birth Certificates, but then they were pledged for the debt, and now the government prints “dollars” based on their value; it really comes from your positive “Credit”. Using this “Credit” is actually the “private” side of our government, with us, the flesh and blood people as the “Employers”.

Point 4: Accepted For Value

Since the government acts on the basis of presumption, namely that you, and not your Strawman, is the actual defendant, you have to overcome these presumptions with a fact. It is the same with a so-called “debt”. What a banker does, and someone who would be the “Employer” of a corporation would do, when handed a “commercial presentment”, and “Order to Pay” or an “Order to Perform”, is what is called “Acceptance for Value”. They stamp, or write sideways across the paper: Accepted for Value, this Property is Exempt from Levy. Please adjust this account for the Products, Proceeds, Accounts and Fixtures and Release the ORDER(s) to me immediately”. Or, in the case of court presentment, “ORDER(s) of the Court to me immediately”. What you are doing is “Accepting to pay” the account down, but the problem is, there is no money, so they HAVE TO “Adjust” or “Zero” the account, and close the account as well. If you are ever presented with a bill, you can actually do this. It has been done for amounts ranging from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. All discharged.

Point 5: Circuitry of the United States Corporation

The Energy that is “Harvested” from us is electric in nature. That is understood by the people who run this system. They have hardwired our system of government to the circuitry of the human body. What is the government always trying to extract from you? Money! – What is Money? – Energy, Electrical Energy. That is why it is called “currency”. And where do they extract this currency from us? In their “Circuit Courts”, which regulate the “Energy Flow”. They “Charge” you with a crime, but is it really a Criminal Charge”? Or a “Financial Charge”, like being charged for a meal? The truth is that it is a “Financial Charge”, but people don’t know, so they are charged criminally. It is really a “Breach of Contract” you are being charged with. You have to look up the definition of the word “person”, which really means “Corporation”, like your “Strawman”…

Point 6: Accounts of the Government Corporation

Every time the government issues a ticket, warrant, indictment, or charge against the individual, there is an account set up in the corporate accounting. All crimes are “Commercial Crimes. Look it up at Title 27 CFR, section 72.11.

So, the answer is to take those “charges” and “accept them for value”. Because now you are saying, “Okay, I’ve accepted to pay those charges, now you have to zero my account and hand over the property to my. (Which includes the “Value” of these charges.) Remember that all government issued warrants, tickets, charges, etc. have a “Value” assigned to them, and a “Bond” is taken out for ten times the amount and put into the stock market. This makes the government more money, or credit on the created “credit”.

But, upon Acceptance, they now have to remove it from the government accounting within 72 hours according to the Three Day Federal Truth-in Lending. And the value assigned, around $1 Million per Felony criminal count, now becomes YOUR property immediately upon “Acceptance” of the Presentment or Charge. If they refuse to adjust and “zero”, and close your account, the person in receipt of the written “Acceptance”, i.e. Police Officer, Judge, etc., is now in possession of taxable income, and all criminal charges will now accrue to them instead. You can now call the IRS on them for Tax Evasion, since they are in possession of your property after “Acceptance”.

Point 7: The Court of Conscience

Courts are set up to settle disputes. That is their only purpose. But, They have been turned into the Grand Inquisitor’s Magic Mental Manipulation chambers. When there is an attempt to get you to go into court. It is the same as if K-Mart was out there sending out notices to all Employees that there is a company meeting and you better be there or face the penalties. Why would you go if you were not a K-Mart Employee? For fear of being arrested, maybe? But that is Mental Manipulation. Do you talk to walls? How about doors? Why would you respond to a government corporation, which is a fiction?

The response itself assumes jurisdiction for the court. There was a man who walked into court recently, and told the judge the court didn’t have jurisdiction. The judge said to the man, “Of course we have jurisdiction”. The man asked the judge were it was laid out that the court had jurisdiction over him. The judge responded, “You’re here aren’t you!” Which leads one to wonder if he wasn’t there voluntarily, the court wouldn’t have jurisdiction. In another case, a man was in jail a few years back with a federal judge who was also in jail. This man was a jailhouse lawyer type and he talked with the judge once in a while. One day, the judge told him something very profound. He said, “Ninety-nine percent of all the people in jail are there VOLUNTARILY”.

Basically, the way the court works is that it is OUR court. Not THEIR court, but they use it for their business all the time. They are trying to get you to consent to the jurisdiction by, “Recognizing the Accuser”. If you are recognizing a fictional accuser, you must be insane, or you are actually the one they should be addressing, i.e. government employee. And then, you immediately become the defendant when they say you committed an “Offence”. But, now you are the “Defendant”. It is such a simple trick, because you “Defended”. Now you are in a bad position. To avoid this one must avoid courts entirely unless you are dragged in against your will. At which time, before the judge, you ask three Magic Questions:

1. “May I have your name, please?”

2. “Do you have a claim against me?”

3. “Do you know anyone who has a claim against me?”

And then follow up with a statement:

4 “I request the Order of the Court be released to me immediately”.

This has worked countless times, and almost without failure. The reason is simple: You are only there if someone has a “Claim” against you. The government tries to “assume” a claim, but they don’t and can’t have one because they are a fiction, and cannot be injured, and so they cannot “register” in the commercial registry where you must be registered to file a claim properly. So, nobody can step forth and say they have a claim against you. One way or the other, it is all on record. And this is where you bring them into what is called a “Court of Conscience”. You know they don’t have a claim, and they know they don’t. And now they know that you know they don’t. They can’t say they do because that would be “Perjury”, and they wouldn’t dare say they do in court. So, since no one does, your business there is concluded and you want their “marching orders” or whatever.

When you have “accepted” their paperwork and returned it to them (the corporation) they now are holding an “unregistered security” and they are responsible for the tax liability. They would be making a “private claim” and then would be subject to all of the charges themselves. They would have to “account” for the funds to the IRS because that is where you’re acceptance has to go: through them to the IRS. If they don’t turn it in and write your account off their books, it is them who are going to be responsible to the Treasury department. Now you are probably wondering to yourself, “well what if they don’t know this?” The answer is that ALL of the Judges and ALL of the D.A.s and most if not all attorneys know this. It is covered in the Bar Association Study manual, and they are being trained right now on how to bluff us as well as possible so it doesn’t seem like what we are doing is working. But the problem for them is that they also become subject to “involuntary bankruptcy” and liquidation of their assets for settlement of your claim. (Which means you can sell off their home or car or whatever you want to provide your remedy)


At the beginning of the above article the author said that one has to, “…adjust your thinking 180 degrees from what you have been taught. You have to put aside all preconceived notions about money, economics, banking law and government. You must do this before you try to understand this information.”

I think we need to do more than this. It will never be enough to simply learn how to win while playing against the government and the banks. That would be like learning to play a game of baseball on a hockey rink. There would still be the danger of slipping, sliding and falling. And a hockey arena is too confining to play a good game of baseball.

What we need to do is tear down the hockey arena and build a baseball park. A large baseball park, one large enough so that everyone could play whenever they wanted, and at any position they wanted.

When we first try to do this we will find that our ultimate addiction is twofold: first, our thought system that we wear like an old comfortable housecoat and that will hound us like an old dog after a bone when we try to take it off. And second our fear that will stick to us like maple syrup. I can attest to both of these. I can also attest to the fact that if you attempt to tear down this hockey arena you will never be there alone. I will be there.

But, and this is a very big but, in the words of a good teacher of mine, (who’s bottle name around Main and Hastings in Vancouver was War Dance and who is now deceased) this must be done in a, “good, kind, soft, gentle way”.

I have learned from the above quote and other writings as well as from Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus, Hafiz, Buddha and so many others, that one cannot win by defensive tactics. I have learned that the means must coincide with the ends. I have learned that to have peace one must give up the idea of conflict, entirely and for all time. I have learned that anger is merely an attempt to make someone else feel guilty. I have learned that next to love, defencelessness is the most potent weapon. In fact, I have learned that there is no difference between defencelessness and love. Wear one and you wear them both. Take one off and you wear neither.

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